A Mysterious Australian Military Water Bottle and Pannikin…


I haven’t yet positively identified which era this is from. I’ve been told variously –

  1. That it’s an inter-war item made for the CMF (AKA the Militia – forerunner of today’s Army reserve)…
  2. That it’s from the pre-World War One era…
  3. That it’s an item of WWII Australian jungle equipment…
  4. That the bottle isn’t for water at all, but is a kerosene or battery acid bottle…
  5. That it’s a reverse Lend Lease item made for US forces in WWII…

There’s no documentary evidence or historical photos to prove any of this either way. I have my own theories on the origin of these bottles, but let’s take a look at the facts, so here’s what we do know about the set –

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(ex) Australian Army Land Rover Part 2 – Mine

Don’t want to spam my readers with too much tech info about my vehicle, but here’s the vital statistics –

  • Ex-Australian Army Land Rover 110 Fitted For Radio (FFR) with Winch
  • Civilian Land Rover Defender 110 hardtop fitted
  • Original canvas sides and rear used with hardtop
  • Body painted all over Protec Camouflage Brown (one of the three colours used in the ADF vehicle camouflage paint scheme)
  • Hardtop and canvas painted all over Protec Camouflage Green (one of the three colours used in the ADF vehicle camouflage paint scheme)
  • ATP snorkel
  • Power steering
  • Dual 12v battery system in place of FFR auxiliary 24v system
  • Heavy duty clutch
  • RFSV split rims and original Goodyear Hi-Miler Xtra Grip tyres
  • RFSV Mk I style dual jerrycan carriers fitted

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