KedumbaValley overnighter

Damo from Bourkey Out Bush recounts a boot-borne swag trip into the Kedumba Valley in the NSW Blue Mountains.

A top read from a top bloke.

Bourkey out bush

Plans began unraveling Friday morning. With a few tasks needing to be done around the house, the intended 2 night stay at Kedumba Valley, that would have started with a post lunchtime walk in, and camp setup mid to late afternoon, became an overnight sleep out with arrival at the trail gate at 0830hrs Saturday.
This was a swagman style of hike exercise, with gear carried via a bedroll, dillybag and satchel. Including food and 3L of water, a total cold weather pack weight of less than 15kg.
The walk in (6.6km, >750m descent) went well enough, with a couple of carry resets along the way. I used the canvas duffle bag to shoulder my bedroll which was adequate, getting the length of the shoulder straps right was a bit inconsistent when changing shoulders. Additionally, a little while after the 2nd carry reset the dilly bag attachment disconnected and forced…

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