KedumbaValley overnighter

Damo from Bourkey Out Bush recounts a boot-borne swag trip into the Kedumba Valley in the NSW Blue Mountains.

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Bourkey out bush

Plans began unraveling Friday morning. With a few tasks needing to be done around the house, the intended 2 night stay at Kedumba Valley, that would have started with a post lunchtime walk in, and camp setup mid to late afternoon, became an overnight sleep out with arrival at the trail gate at 0830hrs Saturday.
This was a swagman style of hike exercise, with gear carried via a bedroll, dillybag and satchel. Including food and 3L of water, a total cold weather pack weight of less than 15kg.
The walk in (6.6km, >750m descent) went well enough, with a couple of carry resets along the way. I used the canvas duffle bag to shoulder my bedroll which was adequate, getting the length of the shoulder straps right was a bit inconsistent when changing shoulders. Additionally, a little while after the 2nd carry reset the dilly bag attachment disconnected and forced…

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A Whirlwind Tour Around Northern Australia in an Old Army Land Rover Part 1 – Goulburn, NSW to Lake Hart, SA

4WD Swagman trips in the old ex-Army Fitted For Radio “Perentie” Land Rover 110 were a fixture of 2018. In January and February I travelled over to Western Australia. In June I travelled to Tasmania. In September 2018 I set off for an odyssey through Northern Australia, and that’s the trip described in this series of posts.

We probably should start at the beginning…

The plan for the Northern Australia jaunt was to go from Goulburn NSW to Port Augusta in South Australia, then up the guts of the continent via the Stuart Highway before turning left onto the Lasseter Highway to Uluru (Ayers Rock). After seeing the Rock and the Olgas, I would retrace my steps back to the Stuart Hwy and make for the Alice. From Alice Springs, work my way north to Darwin where I’d pick up my missus from the airport, then do the tourist loop through Kakadu, Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk) and Litchfield National Parks for a week or so. Then I’d farewell her at the airport and head due east into the Gulf of Carpentaria on my way to Cairns. From Cairns I’d head north to Cape York. Have a bit of a look around there for a few weeks then head back to Cairns and hack my way down the coast to Sydney before making my way back home to Goulburn. I figured the whole expedition might take anywhere between two and four months.


The first leg of the Northern Australia 4WD Swagman Trip.

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Another pair of binoculars… SARD Mark 21 7x50s.


WWII SARD Mark 21 7×50 binos, complete with rubber eyecups and leather binocular strap.

These binos aren’t particularly collectible, nor are they very expensive, but they are a nice pair of WWII 7×50 US Navy BuAer Mark 21 binoculars.

I liked them because they have flip out amber filters and shaped rubber eyecups. Despite my own advice to never buy binos off ebay again, I bought them off ebay. The seller is same fellow from whom I bought my 1960s/70s Binos Prismatic No2Mk3 6×30 binoculars a week or so ago. I was very impressed with those binoculars and I was not disappointed with these ones.

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