Archival gear – WWII Australian Jungle Map Case


WWII Jungle map case all closed up. Mk. III prismatic compass for scale and historical context.

As with much of the old-timey gear which actually gets taken out bush, this map case is an item of army surplus.

It was manufactured in Australia in 1945 and was officially designated the “Map Case, Special, No. 1”, but to all and sundry was known as a jungle map case.

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Archival Gear – Schmacalder Prismatic Compass by Ross Ltd. circa 1897-1907

Well, I’m back.

My dalliance with that other site wasn’t as successful as I’d have liked, so I’m transferring the more interesting of my posts over here to where they are more suited.


The pocket-sized Schmalcalder prismatic compass ready to use, with lid removed, front sight vane in position and prism flipped up.

The first is a good look at an unusual compass from the late 19th Century. One of the first prismatic marching compasses, it’s the sort of thing Baden-Powell or Burnham may have carried during the Matabele Campaign.

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A look at some WWI Compasses


Through my recent eBay adventures, my vintage compass collection has increased dramatically. Some of my favourite new acquisitions are a pair of 1918-vintage US Corps of Engineers military marching compasses both made by Cruchon & Emons in Switzerland. These are the types of compasses that Horace Kephart might have used.

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